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And 2020 is finally drawing to a close.

I’m not sure how I feel about this year…

Granted we all have the excuse that it was a very “special” year. In a way it is also not an excuse.

I don’t know what to think of the work I’ve done this year, on one hand, I did release a few good items, but on the other I could probably have done more? I’ve neglected the Patreon stuff quite a bit, and did close to no work at all on my game.

In my defence, I guess 2020 was the year of “product updates & experimentation”, and I’m not saying that JUST for the more recent stuff 😛

So let’s all sit back, relax, and have a comfy new year celebration. Next year will be better. Next year I’ll do better.

See you all on the other side!

Merry X-Mas to everyone!

I will be away for a few days to spend some time with family members that I haven’t seen for a long time, specifically my mother and father. Don’t worry about me, I will take all the precautions that the pandemic requires and there won’t be too many people there.

Don’t forget to have a little bit of fun all of you out there ^_^.

Be safe!

The cell door is actually taking shape!

I am REALLY happy with how it is turning out. I’ve finally solved the TouchBound “padlock” issue that I was stuck with for a while now, I’ve basically extended the recess used for the handle OUTSIDE the shrouding, it makes the sliding bar mecanism more visible.

I have also added two more deadbolts that will be visible on the side when the cell door is opening/closing. Absolutely overkill? I know. But I’ve seen firefighters kick those corners with steel toed boots to great effect. And it justifies adding those little rivet details for the texture on both sides. It makes the back less plain since I removed one of the panels there.

The hatches also have handles now and a sort of spring loaded catch (I’m not gonna animate that obviously) and while more locks would be the right approach, I didn’t want something that would be complicated to animate during opening.

(Ignore the glass and bars being in eachothers, they are options, not ment to be visible at the same time)

High-poly uniform and door stuff

Got the uniform completed and all imported in Blender (fits like a glove, so far). I ended up ditching all the stitches, it was cool but a bit buggy.. and in general a poly hog so I’m gonna have to re-introduce those using a simple bump map.

Cell wise, there has been SOME progress, I finally settled on a window with a vertical shutter and I’ve tried to get some material stuff going on with it.

Hoping to get the new bevel shader to do some magic here, but I’m not sure which color (or colors) to assort it with the rest.

TouchBound 2020 system update – part 5 (the end?)

Elbow cuffs and mittens! And this should be the END!

(The AI mittens will follow but I need more prep time for those)

Products updated

More work on the chinese uniform

That wasn’t what I had planned for today, (or the weekend) but I couldn’t stop myself from poking at it. So now you get a bunch of images from that.

Sorry for the color change at the end but I needed more contrast. I made a bunch of changes between the last blue and the brown version that I’m not 100% sure of, specifically in the sleeves shape and shoulder width.

I might go back to the blue one and try a different approach.

Potpourri of things I’m working on.

Some little work on the door, this seem a little better than what I had but the top part is so plain… I think I’m gonna re-add the window, not sure about the shutter for it.

Also a happy little accident and this is a really nice looking ceiling lamp 😛

I spent a while working on a potential prison uniform…. just the pants for now, but even if i end up using them for something else, it’s a pretty solid base.

Lastly, I’m having some DNS server issues and temporarily switched to a backup until I figure out what is going on with it, fix it, or replace it.

EEP is on Firestorm!

If you haven’t seen it yet, EEP is finally available on Firestorm 6.4.12!

I invite you to check out Inara’s blog where she has a nice breakdown of all the cool new features that this update brings.

I’ve finally installed my custom-spooky EEP setting at the KDC Main Store and adjusted most of the lighting to take in account the new ambience brought by EEP.

Come check it out and then slide into my IMs to tell me how horrible it is 😛

(Note: the undercity need a complete re-lighting and I haven’t gotten around doing that yet, bring your own flashlight if you wander in there)

TouchBound 2020 system update – part 4

Ankle and Thigh cuff update! Thigh->ankle can now force a kneel, just like belt->ankle can.


Products updated

Sorry everyone again for those big update chunks…


MixMaster Update!

I know, it has been a while, this update brings a few minor fixes and quality of life improvements:

  • A fully scripted bartending handbook replacement with categories, navigation menu and recipe pinning that can be extended easily.
  • A new recipe card format, cross compatible between the MixMaster itself and the handbook.
  • Some leftover debug code in drink scripts has been removed.
  • A test item (that really shouldn’t have been there) was removed.

The new Bartending Handbook was much needed given how bugged and impractical the notecard version was.

The new version sorts all drinks alphabetically, by taste and by type to allow you to pick the drink you want quickly. The drink menu page summarize all the informations that used to be in the notecard version, and you can also temporarily pin a recipe as a hovertext. The notecard format is also identical with the new machine card format, so updating the handbook and the machine with custom drinks is a breeze.

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