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More Low Poly stuff.

A little bit of progress, the bottles and the shaker arm are still missing.

On the bottle side, I’m not 100% sure how to model them and have everything look just right, and also prevent Z-fighting.

I’ve either got a cold, or some allergy, but I’ll try to get more done tonight.

Lowpoly mixmaster progress!

  • Picture 1: Early normal map test from the front.
  • Picture 2: Same for the back.
  • Picture 3: I added a handful more details and you can see the polygons.

No there is no N-gons in this picture, but I’ve used a lot of internal overlaps to cut down on polygon count, especially on the curvy “cup plate” (which I really should just normal map but whatever).

I’ll have to test if those overlaps don’t cause any issues, but at this time, I don’t see any reason why they should.

Good progress!

Some good work today, bottles and all the little details. Also some half-assed textures.

Mixmaster drink… thing?

This project has been long overdue. I apologize in advance if roleplay and service oriented submission isn’t your thing, because the coming weeks will be very boring to you.

This is based on a photo-mockup I’ve put together last october. And yeah it’s kinda based on some coffee machine design, there is still a bunch of things to add.

Belated lock update

This is old, but aparently I have the memory of a goldfish.

Back when I wrote the time padlocks, I’ve also added the “click and hold” function to all the keyed padlocks… Aaaand then I forgot about it.

So now all new locks should use the new code 🙂

Update for the ponyplay bits.

I added a new “bento mouth” animation, this one doesn’t get stuck open with some of the bento heads out there.

Update for the classic leather blindfold!

  • CHANGED: The blinding effect isn’t as hard on the eyes anymore.
  • ADDED: cfg_ScreenEffect to manually set/disable the RLV blinding effects.
  • ADDED: cfg_ScreenPixelate to further limit visibility through pixelation.

The Manual has also been updated to reflect those changes.

Update for the Avara Hood!

  • FIXED: Bug in the hud’s color preset system when adding new entries.
  • FIXED: Screen effects don’t clear on detach with Marine’s RLV.
  • CHANGED: cfg_PublicStyling=YES becomes cfg_PublicStyling=Yes (for the sake of consistency).
  • CHANGED: When cfg_ScreenEffect is changed, the screen effect will update immediately.
  • CHANGED: HUD->Hood communication protocol has changed.
  • ADDED: cfg_ScreenPixelate to further limit visibility through pixelation.

As usual, you should be notified by the updater, enjoy 🙂

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