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The KDC Avara Hood is out!

I will be honest, I have no idea why it took me so long to complete this project. I guess getting ill right at the start did slow things down a little. At least I learned a few things along the way that will most likely help for future projects.

Quick breakdown:

  • 6 base styles, 50+ variations.
  • TouchBound locking system, as per usual.
  • RLV Blinding & muffling depending if the active style covers the eyes or the mouth.
  • Auto alpha for system bodies.
  • 5 different shapes including Utilizator’s M3 Venus (slim only at the moment).
  • HUD to customize and store your colors & latex presets.
  • Expandable skin system.

Oh yeah, it has DEMOS, and an extensive user manual, be sure to check them out first!.

As usual, you can find it at the KDC Main Store in dead realm (feel free to visit!) or the SecondLife Marketplace.

Enjoy 🙂

Getting the final models ready

I’m getting close to completion now. Right now, my goal is to have a few variants to fit a few more heads.

I got 2 (almost 3) candidates at the moment:

  • The “K” version (original)
  • The “N” version (more masculine)
  • Possibly an M3V(s) version (not sure yet, due to the facial expression stuff)

I intent on making a few more, assuming I can get solid head references to work on.

Felicia style “done”

By done I mean. “This is enough, it’s Sunday night and I’m tired.”

Which brings the total to 58 variations across 6 main styles. I’m hoping to have everything done by next weekend!

Standard style, mostly complete

I went a little overboard, between the various eye and mouth opening options and the different color contrast parts, the “Standard” style has a total of 24 variations… that’s more than all the other styles combined 😀

One last style to do for release 🙂

Faceless hood improvements and yet another design.

I’ve added some extra seams from the hawk/falcon hood to the faceless hood to compensate a little for the lack of details and added the same alternate color patterns.

I’ve also started a more normal hood style. The objective there is to make a version that is a little less threatening than the one I initially made, a more “submissive friendly” look. The eyes are doing the job. The mouth seems a bit… odd.

Hawk hood sorted

I finally got something that I like. Funny enough, I used a falcon hood for reference…

I also made two extra patterns for it, because why not?

Two failed attempts at a “hawk” hood.

As expected (well, almost) the nose shape is proving to be a pain for the look I wanted to achieve.

I’ll try moving the hood “point” lower and lower along the nose until it looks less “wrong”.

Oh yeah covering the eyes better would be a plus too. I need more appropriate seaming too but that will come later.

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