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Happy Halloween! And two new skins for the Revosuit X!

The night will be upon us soon and so will be time to celebrate and watch a few horror movies. Or just party all night if that’s more your thing.

I’ve just released TWO new add-ons for the KDC Revosuit X!


Please note that the pumpkin jack add-on will only be available during Halloween!

As usual, you can get them from the KDC Main Store, or the SecondLife Marketplace!

Don’t have the Revosuit X? Click here!

Trick or treat well 🙂

Doodles & Strikes – the fitmesh update.

I just pushed version 3 which should make Doodles & Strikes compatible with the fitted version of Utilizator’s Avatar 2.0.

Existing users will receive the update automatically.

Enjoy! 🙂

The KDC Regina Corseted Suit is out!

At last! After more than 200 hours of work, it is finally out in all its leathery goodness!

As usual, you can pick it up from the KDC Main Store or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

I think I’m done?

That’s what I’ve been telling myself several times today, and every time, I was wrong.

But not this time… I think?

Last sprint to the finish line!

Everything is (almost) ready for release.

I still gotta make the HUD but here we are!

Busy busy days

I have done a LOT in the past couple days, I just don’t really have anything interesting to show for it.

  • Re-rigged the suit to get rid of all the problematic issues.
  • Rendered all the leather texture maps.
  • Altered the torso for flat, small, and large chests.
  • Split the models in two to get more faces (To have slices on the arms for gloves).
  • Started re-rigging and re-shaping the neck for Linden avatar compatibility.

The flat chest is a bit iffy… like, really…

I’ll probably have to hand tweak the textures for each color because that’s really just the color map causing problems.

First inworld test!

I just finished a bunch of test textures so I uploaded a quick and (very) dirty rigging test to get a feel of the final look.

Not bad at all I’ll say.

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