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Rough week

There hasn’t been a lot of updates lately, I know.

Last week I had to visit my family for a couple of days and after that my building had to be sprayed for insects and it wasn’t safe to stay in while they where doing it.

After that? Well autumn is coming rather abruptly so now I’ve caught a cold.

Fun times.

I should have a better update later today.

Highpoly creasing DONE!

… Supposedly.

I spent the entire day drawing creases and deleting most of it until I eventually managed to get something that I find satisfactory.

I’m not saying that I won’t tweak a few things here and there, but this is as good as it is gonna get I’m afraid.

(Yes this is a bit of a picture dump, the two first are with the leather UVs but until i try to make it, I’m not entirely convinced that leather will look right, the other pictures are a “simili” latex test because SL materials behave a bit differently than what I normally do in Blender)

More creasing

And I do not like any of it.

Last details

I haven’t worked much in the past few days, I was sick and struggling with a bit of depression.

I’ve finished up the corset straps, added retainers, did the same for the leg straps and added loops around the legs to hold the leg straps in place. I’ve also added a pair of straps on the upper arms and built some sort of guard piece behind the lacing in the back and added the zipper for the crotch.

I can’t really think of what else to add really, so the last step (for the model itself) is to get it creased nicely. Then I’ll either work on materials, or start working on the low polygon model, to get an idea of what it will look like in world as quickly as possible.

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