Struggle minigame refining.

Sooo… Mashing a button didn’t feel like it provided any skill or reward really (who would have thought?).

Then I came up with a way to spice it up: Now you have to hit a specific key each stroke to move the struggling progress forward, hit the wrong key and you get a time malus. After some testing, I also added a “prediction” that displays what the next keystrokes will be, so you can actually hit the keys a little earlier and essentially “ride” the latency.

The first version had the prediction separate from the “current key” but having them both together feels a lot more readable.

Now I need to bribe a few skilled DDR players to establish a benchmark of what the average difficulty should be.

Memory is still dangerously low on the main script but this is all offloaded to the main module so I’m not too worried.

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