Can you feel the struggle!

Yes I make horrible puns.

I have the base of a struggle mechanic, and ran out of memory twice on the main script. Not worrying at all…

Currently it plays like a button masher: hit pagedown rapidly to struggle against your bonds, you fail if you do not reach the goal before getting exhausted, or if you move (or someone moves you). If you succeed you loosen up the straps one “notch” and can struggle again after a brief resting period.

Balancing this is a bit difficult as it turns out and I might make the mashing a bit more complicated… Maybe something about hitting a specific key and if you mess up, you gain more exhaustion? I don’t know yet… I’m also gonna need to make a few animations&sounds to really “sell it”.

Oh yeah it’s using hovertexts for progress bars.

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  • Mel:

    Looks very tempting, a bummer I read it to late. My jacket is still stored now, otherwise I had tried to make you some sound files. Still love the real realistic buckle sound of your old one. Keep on this amazing work.
    Cheers Mel

  • Oh don’t worry you’re not the only one with “authentic source material”. I haven’t recorded something like this in a while, we will see how my new microphone does it.

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