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Not a lot of time this week

I forgot to write an update! The scripts for the cage are well under way, the basic features are now functional, essentially it can be locked with TB padlocks and the door/hatch are smoothly animated. They also “shake” slightly when someone attempts to open them when locked.

No sounds for this yet.

Finally getting somewhere!

Good things happened today, I Came up with a really nice weathering of the floor plate and a pretty convincing concrete slab to support the cage, complete with corrosion stains.

It is getting VERY close to where I want it.

Interesting material results

I need to go back to actually finishing the model, there is still a few bits that aren’t ready for texturing. Here are a couple more tests that i did last night.

Dirt and grime

Piecing the normal map together took me the better part of the day because I had to restart a few times. The second and 3rd shots are with some quick material tests, not bad but we aren’t there yet.

A new year, and new projects.

This time I’m working on something a little different from what I usually do: a cage.

As you can see I’m making it up as i go, the first door looked awful, and so did the first version of the “food hatch” at the bottom of the door.

Pop in a few rivets and it’s already more like it (what about welding tho?).

The base could use some embellishment and I still need to slap a few chaining plates here and there for good measure.

Small vacuum system patch

I noticed a slight issue with the current IAPI vacuum system, the problem only concerns the floor dust surface and the vacuum chargers and should fix problems with the vacuum dust content “sticking” between usages. It should also display the right transparency level for the floor dust.

Merry xmas and happy new year to everyone

Wherever and whoever you are 🙂

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