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Refining the shape, and more strap work.

I spent the day refining the shape of the collar, bringing the sides and the back higher so that the position of the chin rest makes more sense. I also did some strap sculpting, it appears that, in order to fit two on the back, they have to be a little narrower than my usual “standard” strap width, which means that putting two “standard” rivets into it is not going to be possible… This can still change obviously, I could TRY to make the collar even taller to accommodate two full height straps… I don’t know.

I mean this is nice, but maybe a bit too different and I do not want things to be too different otherwise it won’t match with the rest of the serie.

Getting out of a rut.

Some excellent progress today, I managed to get out of the design issue I had with mending the collar to the chin rest in a way that did not feel “tacked on”. Now the padding of the chin rest extends all the way into the collar and I think it looks just right.

I think I’m gonna have to go for a heavy “dual strap” setup on the back because I cannot bend the strap that goes all the way around to make it land in the middle of the back in any way that would look natural, or elegant. I need to import my other collars and cuffs to double-check the scale of the rolled edges and straps width.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to thread the collar rings directly on that strap or if I’m gonna go for something different this time.

First time i actually had to replace the old server.

I really really need to finish the migration to the new one as that was two whole days of items not getting delivered at all. If it happened to you, IM me and I’ll give you your purchase.

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