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Emergency patch released!

The following products where affected by the animation bug:

  • All collars.
  • All wrist cuffs.
  • All Elbow cuffs.
  • The chastity belt.
  • The nipple rings.

They all received an emergency patch to correct the issue, just wear the item for a little while and it will detect that there is an update available.

Again, sorry about the inconvenience.

Massive animation bug on the newly patched items

It had to happen! I messed up and it turns out that nobody but “me” can actually access the notecard database for animations. If you already received your updates for the new updates, please know that I am currently working on a patch to fix the issue of “no animations are ever offered”.

Thank you all for your patience!

All wrist/elbow cuffs updated

I added the new collar animations to all the wrist cuffs and updated everything to the new codebase.

I’m almost done! not yet but almost!

More code patches

I just pushed a new version of the RLV activator (2.2) Nothing changed beside a new menu option so you can lock it on yourself to prevent it’s removal when you change outfits.

Products updated:

  • Lined chrome chastity belt.
  • Nipple piercings.
  • Nose Piercing.

Endless rounds of update

The following items have just been updated:

  • The stuffed Ballgag.
  • The bit serie (all of them).
  • The PonyPlay bridle.
  • The classic leather blindfold.
  • Matte and latex versions of the wasp gas mask

Nothing really, new beside the RLV changes that I mentioned previously.

Strict leather braced posture collar, new animations.

I just pushed an update to the strict leather braced posture collar, you guys are getting two extra sets of animations to utilize the side rings of the collar. In addition, the two back straps can now be locked independently from each others.

More collar updates

I pushed yesterday’s update on the other collars (all the TB collars minus the braced collar) and added the following:

  • The classic leather shock collar ‘s anti bark feature will not zap you for using emotes anymore.
  • When a TB item is locked, it will not be editable or adjustable anymore.
  • The double-click menu now shows the right RLV status.
  • The animation re-applier is no longer tied to the action of sitting and will check for missing animations every 10 seconds.

New update lined chrome collar & shock collar

I just release an update for those two products, they are now using the notecard database, I also made the back lock point a valid leash source and wrist binding source (you can now run chains from the back of the collar to the wrists instead of only from the wrists.

I also tweaked the leashing system behavior, it will automatically disable far touch if you have RLV active.

Lastly, I’ve split the shock collar zapping animation in two, the head twitch will keep the same animation priority, while the hands are now at a much lower priority to reduce AO breakage, especially for non human avatars.

If no major issues are reported I will continue deploying this patch.

A fine day for code

I started a small code restructuring project on the TouchBound system. The main reason there hasn’t been new animations lately is that 90% of the animations involve the wrists. With 19 animations per wrist, the scripts where basically full, due to how lists work in SecondLife, they quickly add up memory wise. I found a solution which involve a little bit of Notecard based voodoo.

My experience is that it’s pretty much as fast as the previous system of splitting and filtering lists, but the memory footprint and processing time is a lot smaller.

This should raise the amount of animations an item can support to a very comfortable ridiculous level. But more testing is required to ensure that I haven’t broken anything.

The Ai leather cuffs get a visual upgrade.

The Ai leather cuff set just received a very nice visual upgrade, new high-definition textures and 3 additional leather colors, existing owners will receive the update as usual through the automatic update. As for the others, what are you waiting for?

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