Sorry for the slience, been writing & testing some code.

Sorry for the slience, been writing & testing some code.

I have started designing a better delivery/update server for KDC products. I have a few reasons to do that now:

  1. Security: The current system is probably better than most vendors out there, but it’s not “great”, I can do better.
  2. Reliability: The amount of mangled deliveries that my system does is worrying and is mostly due, i believe, to the way the current elements communicate with each-others.
  3. Messiness: The new system will require you to be in the dead realm region to get a delivery, this way you will always get a folder, and not items given one by one scattered in multiple folders.
  4. Non forced updates: Don’t you just hate how the current system dump the updated items on you as soon as it’s available? Yeah me neither.

Bottom line it should be better for everyone

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