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[Ai]Collaboration released!

I am proud to release this complete set of leather cuffs designed by Asami Watanabe from [Ai] and scripted by myself.

KDC-AiBasicElbowCuffs KDC-AiBasicThighsCuffs KDC-AiBasicAnkleCuffs KDC-AiBasicWristCuffs

As usual you can get these yummy cuffs from the KDC Main Shop The SecondLife Marketplace and also the PrimBay

Check the [Ai] store while you are at it, you know you want to! 🙂

HOTFIX – Lady Eleanor riding crop

I just published a small fix for animations not always starting when the crop was worn.

Back at work!

I am back from my little hiatus and started a little collaboration project with Asami Watanabe from [AI], more information very soon!

KDC Lady Eleanor Leather Crop

KDC Lady Eleanor leather crop

Lady Eleanor gave us a visit recently, but she appears to have forgotten something when she left.
They say that this beautiful riding crop has been in her family for generations, and despite its age, the rich leather has been carefully preserved by countless polishing.
The handle and shaft have a braided surface and the leather tip is stitched on a red backing, this riding crop feature a stance system, light and hard strikes, custom sounds and animations for hits and misses as well as 3 different holding stances bringing it to a total of 15 animations.
The crop tip will leave a subtle trail in the air and a soft smack as it will hit your (un)willing victim. It can be controlled through first person view but also using the provided HUD interface.
It also come with a belt “crop holder” that will allow you to equip/unequip the crop in a single click.
As usual, you can pick it up at the KDC Main Shop, on the SecondLife Marketplace, or on the PrimBay.
Enjoy 🙂

10Gauge Silver nose ring


Here is a new little release ( Orchil has been pestering me about it for a while ) This nose ring has the same features as the silver nipple rings minus the weight attachments, but it has its own LockMeister chaining ID point, so you don’t have to adapt a nipple ring anymore and suffer misplaced chains for doing so. The pack also include a “light” version for those only interested in the captive bead locking feature but who do not wish to use the locks or chaining function.

As usual you can get it from the KDC Main store, the SecondLife Marketplace or from the PrimBay.

And there is more!

I also updated the KDC string set and threw in a set of LOLAS! :: Tango appliers.

A little something

Coming very soon 🙂

Some progress

I finished unwrapping the crop and got some preliminary textures out, took me quite a while to figure out what was going on but Darien helped me to get things to look right. I’m not sure about the proportions to be honest, especially the “shaft” length in relation to the rest of the crop. While it’s a detail, I think that a little bit of stitching would look nice on the tip, I only need to figure out the “right” way to do it in Blender.


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