Touchbound core update 2.0 released!

I made a major update to the TouchBound system, it concerns currently the most pressing items: the cuffs and collars. It features a few changes and new things here and there:

Changelog – general:

  • Toned down the amount og glow from the active sections.
  • One script less per attachment.
  • Added LockMeister Version 2 compatibility.
  • Complete code rewriting.
  • Removed the auto inversion of certain commands to get more consistent behavior for the end-user.
  • Reduced the prim count of some objects (less click helpers are now required).
  • General speed increase with the different actions.
  • RLV: When leashed you will be automatically unseated if the leash point move away.
  • RLV: When leashed you cannot teleport.
  • RLV: When someone hold your leash they can force teleport you.
  • Improved the chain reconnection on login/teleport.
  • Improved animation system, less script activity.

Changelog – wrist cuffs:

  • All wrist related animations redone.
  • Two new wrist to neck poses:  over head and inverted prayer.
  • More room for larger breasts on the wrist to nipple poses.

Changelog – ankle cuffs:

  • All ankle related animations redone.
  • New, more stable avatar slowdown code with limited jump and no flight ability.
  • New “hopping” mode for the ankle to wrist animations and ankle to ankle tight hobble.
  • Added a “hobbled” walk, which currently simply slow down the avatar (until I can make a decent hobbled walk).


Existing buyers, you don’t have anything specific to do to get the update, the self update should trigger automatically the next time you wear your TouchBound items.

Until I update the online documentation, feel free to contact me for help and information inworld. I will be happy to be of assistance!

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