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new stuffs from kdc

vixen hood
I released this upgraded version of the hood i retired from sales, long time ago, available in 13 colors ^^, back zipped and with pipe details around the eyes and mouth.

And it’s little friend, in open faced version
N’Joy ^^ mark two


Considering the quite weak frequentation of i guess that nobody really noticed the change, i just finished the migration to a new web host, ME, in fact rather than renting a shared webhost for a revolting amount, i am now renting a physical server in a collocation, it has a pretty good hardware and open the way to new interesting possibilities and challenges.

some cool roller poses

in my armor project, some more pictures 😉
buggy2 buggy3.jpg buggy4.jpg

the rolling queen

Continuing my “buggy rollin” related work.
Next step, helmet and then the hard task of animating and scripting.
Enjoy this little photoshopped work 🙂


New power supply finally!

I finally received my new power supply which i am pretty satisfied with, but a few pictures talk better than a long discussion.


first it look nice in shiny black, also its built on an enormous fan that suck the air from the cpu and blow it outside, and it has a jillion of cables with a plugging system on the PSU and molex extractors so you don’r ruin your hard disk plugs with a stuck molex connector.

it has also a massive 750W power and massive 12V rails for future dual SLI configuration ^_^

“hey have spare L$ to give meh? LOLZ”

As you age slowly in sl and especially since LL opened the floodgates, you might stumble on a curious resident type that are desperately seeking ways to make money. Since the introduction of the 3 account levels system we have now these hordes gathered under the flag:
“no payment info on file”. Read the rest of this entry »

time is long out of sl

i can’t wait to be back, i am just waiting for hours to pass, ideas piling in my head

PSU totaled

Ouch , bad odor day, my main computer’s Power supply started smelling some kind of toasted circuitry
, suspicious i shut down my computer, and well, it isn’t starting up again.

I ordered a new PSU, but it will take a few days before it arrive so no need to wonder why i am not in SL ^_^

buggy rollin’ !!

following an armor system invented by a french, here is the first images of the torso for my own armor

buggy rollin

one more silly thing

This little project still took me two afternoon, well itsnot a simple clock, its a solar clock, the SL sun do not move in the sky at a constant speed, 3 hours of day for 1 hour of night, so the sl day last for a total of 4 real hours, on top of not exactly orbiting SL, it effectively move faster during the night. What my clock do is give the hour according to the sun position, so when the sun is at the zenit, it mark noon, and when the moon is high it mark midnight. So it makes it more like a relative clock as the hours move twice as fast during the night, and of course if it is placed in a private sim with sun frozen, the clock will stay frozen at the sun hour.

Read the full article to get the code ^_^ Read the rest of this entry »

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