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KDC miniATM update!

  • SETUP is now the OPTIONS menu.
  • Ledger functions moved to the OPTIONS menu.
  • Now starts in a simplified UI mode.
  • Llurls on the target picker (with 512 char limit checker).
  • Llurls on the pay window (for confirmation).
  • Corrected a bug in the countdown mode detection.
  • Corrected a text bug for the countdown/count up functions.
  • Cleaned up some UI consistency issues.
  • Removed some of the regionsayto.

If you wish to keep your ledger you can simply replace the other scripts and keep the same logging script (don’t forget to set the description of the miniATM to 2 if you do)

Face slapper update

  • One less prim.
  • Slightly lower complexity (root prim is a simple mesh cube now and textures are cleared)
  • Added several configuration switches to turn emotes on/off and disable the slapper reddening for hood users.
  • LLURL based names so people’s display names look nice and clean.
  • Fixed an error in the fading code, it should be slower now, and proportional to the amount of slaps received.

Shock collar bugfix

I just pushed the shock collar version 10 on the updater:

  • FIXED: Bug that caused the radio module to turn off when the anti-bark function was enabled too.

Hired Help Uniform patch redux

A couple of days ago I’ve pushed out a small patch for the hired help uniform… Or so I thought.

Turns out SL reverted the new items that I had placed in the update server so I had to redo it today. Fixed this time, hopefully.

Wasp gasmask v10: the Avatar 2.0 update

I’ve just released a small update for the KDC Wasp gasmask matte edition & KDC Wasp gasmask latex edition.


They now ship with an alternate version that has been reshaped to fit the default heads on Utilizator’s Avatar 2.0 mesh bodies.

It’s patch time again!

I’m deploying a patch to fix a bug that was discovered in how RLV is handled by the TouchBound products. The only products affected are the ones that have multi-leash capability (the ability to draw more than one chain).

At the same time, I’m patching the updater to be more practical for users ( you shouldn’t have to manually reset it anymore! )

The following products have already been updated:

  • KDC Lined chrome collar.
  • KDC/ER Chrome collar.
  • KDC Classic leather posture collar.
  • KDC Chastity belt.
  • KDC HeavyMetal collar.
  • KDC Classic shock collar.
  • KDC Strict leather braced collar.
  • KDC Tasanee collar.
  • KDC Lined chrome thighs bands.
  • All KDC Ponyplay bits.

Lady Eleanor’s leather crop bugfix

Tiny tiny bug with the animation permissions, there was two of them that where set to “no copy”.

This is now fixed!

Lattice cage hotfix!

There was a bug in the lattice cage RLV logic where it would attempt to apply the RLV restrictions on anyone using the sit position, regardless of the door state (open/closed).

This is now fixed 🙂

Hired Help Uniform: a small update.



On request, I have added to the hired help uniform an “L2” variation that provides a slightly flatter belly area for those that had problems with it.

NOTE: The L2 variation doesn’t provide enough room to properly hide a chastity belt.

Paw Mittens update.

Small update on the paw mittens, there was a pair of missing animations for the left hand when connecting to collars. And I also added a “no editing” restriction when buckled in 🙂

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