Warden Straitjacket Update!

This Warden Straitjacket update was long overdue and contains a handful of changes of various usefulness:

  • Ability to lock the wearer in sitting position when a chain is drawn to the sat-on object.
  • 5th “extra hard” sleeve tightness stage (I can’t actually beat this one).
  • New RLV alpha folders for “tied” and “untied” mode.
  • RLV Activator (2.5) animation purge function & new menu layout.

And a few small changes such as config card name change, and some tweaks in message wording.

I’ve updated the manual to reflect those changes, if you use the auto alpha feature, you should the new folder structure.


3 Responses to “Warden Straitjacket Update!”

  • Yardley Footman:

    I have SO much trouble with that escape game. I realized it’s mainly because the text moves around so much while I’m struggling, and it’s really tiny on my screen.

  • Hmhm zooming a little helps a lot!

  • shades83:

    the escape game text hud, can this be lowered or higher, i got a new computer and i guess its a smaller screen but the arrows seem to show in the middle of my avi instead of above it on previous device, not sure it was a setting to change or just cause its a new computer, if can be adjusted would be helpful i did learn how to change text color but not the position

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