Steel gag progress update

A bit of a picture dump for the steel gag project today. Progress has been slow as I’ve been helping with a family move to a new home (so many boxes… exhausting).

It took me several tries to figure out a good way to attach the other mouthpieces until I figured that the best way would be to use the “ball” gag as my reference point rather than the plate I initially made. The first two pictures are some pretty cursed attempts at that…

I’ve got 4 mouthpieces so far:

  • Flat bar with tongue depressor.
  • Ball gag (metal ball? I’m not so sure…)
  • Hollow tube (it isn’t big enough for oral tho).
  • U-shaped bar (really just a big unpleasant tongue depressor).

I’ve also gotten my metal shader to look the way I wanted it, looking quite gooood ~

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