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Steel gag low-poly work

Another update on the steel gag! I’ve moved on to modeling the low-poly version of the parts I’ve completed so far. So that’s the neck bar and two of the mouthpieces.

I’ve gotten a bit of feedback on the other mouthpieces and the big steel ball might be a bit overkill… Therefore, I’m probably going to re-design it with some sort of rubber insert to make it a bit less harsh looking.

Steel gag progress update

A bit of a picture dump for the steel gag project today. Progress has been slow as I’ve been helping with a family move to a new home (so many boxes… exhausting).

It took me several tries to figure out a good way to attach the other mouthpieces until I figured that the best way would be to use the “ball” gag as my reference point rather than the plate I initially made. The first two pictures are some pretty cursed attempts at that…

I’ve got 4 mouthpieces so far:

  • Flat bar with tongue depressor.
  • Ball gag (metal ball? I’m not so sure…)
  • Hollow tube (it isn’t big enough for oral tho).
  • U-shaped bar (really just a big unpleasant tongue depressor).

I’ve also gotten my metal shader to look the way I wanted it, looking quite gooood ~

I started working on a new gag!

Well, a new gag as in “new-ish” since it is an idea I’ve been playing with for a while.

For those who remember, I originally was making a gag like this, which used flat bars that had slots in them, but it kept bothering me. It looked like it would be far too easy to bend (I can’t help it, must make structurally sound items)

I included a handful of early pictures, just to show the evolution. The plain challenge was to find an elegant solution to make the mouthpiece removable, but not once locked in place. I’m relatively happy with the current solution (that little bottom bar that swings out of the way when the gag is opened)

Still not sure about that tongue depressor, the flat variant was nice, but the “loop” is winning at the moment.

Also yeah, I already started adding welds here and there…

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