Padded anchor plates and a few more things

Padded anchor plates and a few more things

I had to get rid of the diamond-shaped top on the padding because it did not allow me to put anything on top of them. Which was an issue, since the new padded anchor plates I’m making for this cell version are designed to sit there.

The new chain anchors are based on the ones in Tang‘s “Horny Jail” set (go check it out), those are kinda meant to be low-profile floor/wall inserts. It would be better with straps, but I can’t really have that.

The low-poly door padding is also complete and I’ve closed off the bottom hatch of the door with a little umm… kick plate? I don’t know, I could have removed everything but it looked a bit bare. The door padding will have to be colored all as one because I do not have an extra mesh “face” to spare for the bottom section. Oh well.

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