Chain anchors for the cell project

I just finished simple chain anchors for the prison cell project. They are optional and cost 0.5LI each, therefore the setup on those pictures is 3LI (3 in/out). I was initially going for an “U” shaped anchor, but that’s a bit boring given that the freebie anchor plates already look like that.

They aren’t super detailed, but this is about on-part with the rest of the build.

I also added a simple wall insert to replace the bars, (it is just a slightly modified cube). You can see it in two of the pictures because I’ve removed the bars on one side, it is only really there to fill the space (and cost a little less LI than a primcube).

Finally, I started working on the lamp that will sit above the door, but I barely started really.

I was supposed to do a lot more work today, but that’s just how it is sometimes.

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