Cell update: more textures, bars

Reworked the wall texture to make it tintable (it IS tinted right now), added some subtle drips on the top edge and general grime at the bottom. It appears that I’ve fucked up the UVs of the concrete on the outside (fixed already, but not re-uploaded yet), easy fix.

Finalized the barred section with the tray slot (mesh wise, lod & all) and have been trying to make it “pop” texture wise. It’s not perfect but I think it looks the part. Same as the lattice cage, I do texture recycling on identical sections (only a bit better this time), textures aren’t 100% final but I like where I’m at with those; not too little, not too much.

I’ve redone the tiled section as a raised overlay so it can safely be hidden if you don’t want to have it, same for the baseboards (still untextured).

The lamp is just a cube for now, I plan to have a little more than that but I wanted to test my options as far as lighting the cell: It looks pretty convincing with a down facing projector and a “support” omni light to lighten the ceiling a little. I tried using the cell center as a lightsource, but it turns out that it is disabled as soon as you enter the cell, some sort of culling I assume.

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