New work on the cell project

New work on the cell project

It took me a while to get back to work but unfortunate family events unfolded. No worries, it will pass eventually.

I’ve decided to resume the cell project and rebuilt what I had from scratch. This time I’m focusing on a self contained version in a 3x3x3 cube. It should end up tile-able, but this is more for people who just want “one” as a standalone structure.

Currently the floor is split on the back 1/3rd to accomodate a tiled section (toilets & all), and I’ve even pushed it down slightly to give it a more “3D” feel. I don’t know however if this is a good idea as it makes it impossible to completely “hide” this feature if you’d rather have an uninterrupted floor surface.

I can also very easily make variants with and without barred sections on either sides of the doorframe.

The “beam” next to the door is for chaining point as you can see :D.

I haven’t really detailed the ceiling, I’m not sure what I could really have there, and I’m pretty much out of unique texture “‘face” on the main mesh anyway.

Integrated lighting could be neat, or at least a recess to install one?

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  • Kaylee:

    Looks cool, you could try using a bed to cover up the change in the floor or atleast distract from it

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