Riveting, padding and a bunch of adjustments.

Riveting, padding and a bunch of adjustments.

With yesterday’s tests, I figured the most “logical” solution was to put the rivets on a conical surface rather than a flat one. Again this is “design” stuff and serve no purpose to the creation of the object itself, but is useful to ensure that it will look ‘right”… And that’s important.

There is now a groove in the fitting to accommodate the outer cap lip (there is also a slight taper but that’s not really visible) and make the leather a little thinner around the hole. I quickly built up the padding on the back side and added the opposite heads of the rivets.

Not in the pictures, I considerably extended the sides because it is supposed to go almost at ear level for the straps to work, I also removed a section of the padding in this area. Unless I change my mind, that’s where the straps will be attached (on the underside basically)

I’m gonna leave this part alone for a little while now and focus on the straps.

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