New update lined chrome collar & shock collar

I just release an update for those two products, they are now using the notecard database, I also made the back lock point a valid leash source and wrist binding source (you can now run chains from the back of the collar to the wrists instead of only from the wrists.

I also tweaked the leashing system behavior, it will automatically disable far touch if you have RLV active.

Lastly, I’ve split the shock collar zapping animation in two, the head twitch will keep the same animation priority, while the hands are now at a much lower priority to reduce AO breakage, especially for non human avatars.

If no major issues are reported I will continue deploying this patch.

3 Responses to “New update lined chrome collar & shock collar”

  • Felina Kitty:

    Not quite the shock-collar update I was hoping for, but baby steps. One of these days I’ll be able to actually use it without it punishing nonvocal emotes…

  • Oh I’m sorry I completely forgot about this problem, I’ll add it to the next patch, I promise!

  • Felina Kitty:

    Awesome! I keep wanting to flip that switch… *grins*

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