New release, the Laminated Cuff Set

New release, the Laminated Cuff Set

Laminated… what a convoluted word hm? Well that’s what stuck during the modeling process, and it’s fitting if you consider that this monstrous set of cuffs is made of several thick steel plates, laser cut to shape and assembled with heavy-duty bolts.

Like the paws, those cuffs are almost completely mesh based, so you will need a viewer 2.0 if you want to see them in all their glory (you should really switch to a mesh viewer if you haven’t yet there are quite a few now).

They feature my classic cuff script with all the TouchBound standard features and special animations with cuffs and collars, also the bolt slide in and out of it’s hole in the outer ring of the cuff if you lock/unlock it.

This design is supposed to use an inner cuff ring that fit closely around the wrist and is kept captive (and shut) inside the outer ring. In theory they should be able to rotate freely around each others.

You can get them from the usual places:

Direct link to the KDC main shop.

The KDC Marketplace webshop.

3 Responses to “New release, the Laminated Cuff Set”

  • Kassandra Pixelmaid:

    I just love these. Just got them a few minutes ago and already can say that they’re going to be my new fav cuffs. Do you plan to make a collar based on the same design, too? Or maybe stocks…or stocks and a collar?? Pretty pleeeeeease. 😉

  • Collar, yes, that’s the next project, i’m thinking about making two thicknesses, because a tall model had an interesting ‘strict’ look in my tests 🙂

    Stock yes, but maybe a bit later, it’s not gonna be a monoblock structure tho, think more like stocks with no hand holesbut chaining rings where the cuffs will be tied, that’s the only way i can make it work for most avatars.

  • Kassandra Pixelmaid:

    Thank you very much for your answer Kyrah. Can’t wait for the release of the collar! Your idea with the stocks sounds great, too. 😀

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