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Strange shibari?l

Some more updates on the animations i’m adding to the ankle cuffs, those are composite animations, aka, partial animations that run over a stand/walk.

Yep, there is a custom walk for that 😀

Hands that can’t make up their mind

It seems i ran in another funky oddity while cramming animations into the cuff/collar system, it appears that when hand animations are set it’s for BOTH hands at the same time, even if you only select one…

a few solutions present themselve:

A: add this info as an extra bit into the limb table, and make versions of the animation with and without hands override, so if one animation override the hands, i can swap for a version with no hand overriding. Might lead to more problems tho…

B: put into every animations  that do not use a relaxed hand pose both fists closed and hope for the best.

And a few advancement pictures:

GLOOMIII: In doubt, Compare is your friend

There is nothing more painful ,while adapting a script you made before to a new object, to you discover a bug in the initial script that you can fix, and now have to carefully remove the same bug from all the different variants of this script.

That’s where the Compare function in LSLPlus is your friend. Simply select both scripts, hit compare, and they are shown side by side, with the differenve between eachothers highlighted, with buttons to quickly merge the changes from one to the other.

I know this has existed for a while inclassic C/C++ programming, but i’m jsut discovering the benefits for an LSL user.

here is a pic.

Some pictures of the bondage project

I’ve been talking a lot and not showing much, considering i just finished the wrist cuffs i might aswel post an update.

The cuffs aren’t exactly round like the collar, they have a sort of oval shape wich i believe fits better on the wrists. Also made the ankle ones.

Anyway there is still “some” bugs in the collar script that makes it stop responding, oddly; i need to find what’s wrong before adapting the code the the wrist cuffs.

Update on the manor

I’ve left this project take dust for waaaay too long and this week end i have the opportunity to maybe, complete the texturing of the structure.

I do believe these are the sweetest staircase banisters i’ve ever seen in sl 🙂

Want to visit? [CLICK HERE]

An update on the work i’m doing.

This has been a couple of weeks of radio silence, but i hadn’t much to show really, i’m coding a new collar concept, as i said before, more in adequation with what i think restraints and bondage stuffs in SL should be.

So far i had quite positive feedback from the peoples i demonstrated it to, they liked the simplicity and the complete lack of configuration menus.

Today I’ve been working on until now on an early implementation of RLV into the collar through the use of a homemade “relay”, to keep thing simple, if you wear the relay and have an RLV client, it lock itself and enable the rlv functions of the collar (and other stuffs) , if you decide not to wear it, the RLV functions are disabled.

It has no actual look so you can really wear it anywhere you want, but i got comments that being unable tod etach the relay when having a RLV client might be a bit too much…

But i’ve no idea of an alternative that keeps it simple and doesn’t make it just a matter of removing the relay when RLV bothers you.

I also worked more on my new “lock” system, wich basically transfer the “look” of the locks you are using to the objects it lock, wich allow some extra visual customisation…. it’s always nice.

Here are a few poctures of the two locks i modeled so far, note that the rightmost one does not require a key as it is biometric , fancy way for saying it react to avatar keys 🙂

I have to say it’s quite surprising the level of code complexity involved, compared to the simplicity of the interface, Iwill probably have issues with customers that believe it is as simple under the hood as it looks on the outside.

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