An update on the work i’m doing.

This has been a couple of weeks of radio silence, but i hadn’t much to show really, i’m coding a new collar concept, as i said before, more in adequation with what i think restraints and bondage stuffs in SL should be.

So far i had quite positive feedback from the peoples i demonstrated it to, they liked the simplicity and the complete lack of configuration menus.

Today I’ve been working on until now on an early implementation of RLV into the collar through the use of a homemade “relay”, to keep thing simple, if you wear the relay and have an RLV client, it lock itself and enable the rlv functions of the collar (and other stuffs) , if you decide not to wear it, the RLV functions are disabled.

It has no actual look so you can really wear it anywhere you want, but i got comments that being unable tod etach the relay when having a RLV client might be a bit too much…

But i’ve no idea of an alternative that keeps it simple and doesn’t make it just a matter of removing the relay when RLV bothers you.

I also worked more on my new “lock” system, wich basically transfer the “look” of the locks you are using to the objects it lock, wich allow some extra visual customisation…. it’s always nice.

Here are a few poctures of the two locks i modeled so far, note that the rightmost one does not require a key as it is biometric , fancy way for saying it react to avatar keys 🙂

I have to say it’s quite surprising the level of code complexity involved, compared to the simplicity of the interface, Iwill probably have issues with customers that believe it is as simple under the hood as it looks on the outside.

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