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Barricade growing


New articles, important places of SL

I’ve started a little article on places that are worth to be visited in SL

for now i have the channel asylum and bay city, i will add more when i have more ideas.

Feel free to send your suggestions 🙂

Connecting the dots

Since i can’t log in sl i’m having some fun with my opensim installation, well i’m pushing it a bit … 5 sims in a cross shape.


Beware: Hordes!

I was a bit bored.

more in progress stuff

I just finished a sculpted version of my “emily” collar

3 millions

There we are, 3 million avatar keys registered in the KDC database 😀

New maid hat is out!

Sculpted prim, a bit of alpha 🙂 Low prim and pretty 🙂

This little bonnet is a minimalized version of a mob cap worn around 1850-1900, it was usually worn at the top rear of the head, sometimes as an ornament over a bun haircut. Of course, in order to make such a small hat stay in place they would be pinned in place.

Features a detailed texture with creases and shadows over a sculpted prim with two flexiprim “streamers” .


New bathtub bowl

One sculpted prim instead of two non sculpts, and it allowed me to add a nice lip and space for the drain.

-improved the steam effect on buckets and the bathtub too. 100°C on the picture

-added a small temperature loss to the rezzable system.

-added too far away messages for most of the elements.

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