The flying (not spagetti) monster

Tomorrow i am taking a plane for the first ime in 10 years and i am dead scared.

You think i am afraid to fly? you are wrong, dead wrong.

I am afraid of everything ELSE that is linked to this flight.

Lets see:

2pm :in theory i should leave home at this point

3pm : In theory again after one tramway and the airport bus i SHOULD be at the airport.

3pm to 5pm : I gave myself two hours to do the following:

  • Checkin in my luggage (weight 21kg when the flight is limited to 20kg so lets see if i will have to pay or if their scale suck as much as mine)
  • Taking my tickets (i got one of these weird “print me” tickets that i need to exchange when i arrive)
  • Going to the security screening (i am transporting a crapload of metallic things aswell as laptop and various other electronic things.
  • Find my plane (first time i set foot in this airport)

5.30pm : take off.

And no it isn’t finished…

6:35pm : landing to the transit airport

6:35 to 9.05pm: nothing nada niet, maybe count the steps of the airport stairs…

9.05 pm: another embarkment — take off

11:05 pm: landing to my final destination, several thing to do:

  • find luggage
  • find my friend and get the ffff away from this.
  • 3 hours of bus til being able to hit the ground.

Lets do the math:

  • time airborne : 1.05+ 2.30 = 3.35 hours.
  • total time: 9 hours.


And i can see like 10 points where it can simply fuckup with various levels of consequences.

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  • Marcus:

    Perhaps I should try to divert your attention from stories of baggage handlers and luggage, with some sort of funny dance?

    Safe journey!

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