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Sneak peek at the news

I have been working on this little thing today, it’s not yet finished but it looks promising


Naming names

I did a little list of names that could be used as last names in SL

Nothing specific really just stuffs i pass by, i might update it, or not.


It’s in the articles, on the right.

Tiny upgrade

I made a priority 4 animation for the laced armbinder (as requested by a few of you) you can request it directly from me so you can swap it with your old. Also any future bought laced armbinder will have this anim by default

I know it isn’t much, still, enjoy 🙂

The delilah corset is out :)

Okay just to make the point, this new corset some of the rare visitors of my blog have drooled on is out 🙂

Available in gorgeous 28 color schemes, enjoy 🙂


Minor NetSys update

I made a small fix to the zoompannel for the net sys vendor. It should get rid of some erroneous texture applications (and their pesky error messages).

New corset on the workbench


The corset is now finished and already uploaded in SL, available very soon 🙂

ZEITGEIST: What the religion, 911 and the federal bank reserve have in common?

I thought this might interest peoples, take it like you want and think about it and about the society we live in.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="440" height="330"/]

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