Lets resurrect the one wich is already dead since …

I’m talking about UltimaOnline in the clawed hands of Electronic Arts. In a way i am quite happy , because Uo is and will remain my favorite MMORPG. Well now EA is pulling out their most expensive investment in Uo: Kingdom reborn.

Apparently they revamped the client and the game arts to make it more appealing to the players.

Well maybe it will give a second wind to Uo, maybe not, that depend how badly they screw up i guess.

They will screw up anyway, it’s EA after all.

The big question i am wondering is wich of the different server emulators, POL, Run/SunUO , LOnewolf … will have the guts to redo the reverse engineering of the client… And basically stay head to head with the current and new Uo.

Time will tell…

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