the utility gag release

this fine piece of craftmanship is built around a drilled ballgag with an all purpose tube attachment, allowing to screw into it various tools and toys.
utility gag

  • plug: when the gag tube isn’t really used.
  • broom: flexi enabled mini duster.
  • shoe brush: shoe polish not included ^_^.
  • ashtray: round regular ashtray with a thin smoke coming from it.
  • funnel: white plastic funnel with an open close valve that drain the liquid in the funnel trough the gag, the liquid color can be changed to your tastes.
  • cocktail bottle: pub style cocktail distributor, give drinks on click, deliver 3 different drinks.
  • candles: upright and L shaped candle holder, emit light and flame particles
  • all purpose plate: rubber topped modify it to make it hold whatever you wish

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Kyrah Abattoir
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Seasoned 3D artist and programmer, aspiring video game creator.