Low productivity week

I’ve been doing very poorly this week, motivation has been hard to come by.

I did start writing the stun prod scripts but still haven’t gotten around to making the sound effects and animations for it.

I have a somewhat decent particle system and a bare-bones outline of how striking works with it.

It is a little different from the riding/spade crop, in the sense that it is not going to have an “armed” strike pose like these two, instead it will have a short “strike” animation that triggers as soon as you press down the attack key, and it will either strike the person in front of you, or be somewhat “brandished” so that the prongs crackle in the air.

The charge meter depletes as you hold the attack key pressed.

So far, the reload sequence autoplays after 5 seconds of inactivity so long as you do not have a full charge. It is currently non-interruptible (I could change that).

If the battery is fully drained, attacking will trigger reload immediately.

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  • sissypamela9:

    I think the wait will be worth it, I know you do a good job because I really like your products. any dom will love this for sure hehe.

    I hope you find your great motivation soon :3

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