About halfway done with LODs.

I dislike LOD making so much, sometimes. I don’t usually have to do “all” of them on objects that have no cavities, but on fiddly little things like that, it is preferable if I do “most” of them by hand.

There is still like… 3-4 hooks to do (nose & rear/neck), (these are pretty quick tho) and 2-3 strap sections.

It looks good, I can’t really complain, but that’s so many individual parts to prepare for upload.

I’ve also finalized

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  • Yardley Footman:

    I had a little fantasy this morning: a self-contained electroshock head harness. It had a control box on the forehead strap, and a power unit in the back. A rubber bite block, chinstrap, and a little flap that could be flipped up or down for a blindfold. It could be set to periodic, random, or manual (with a button on the front of the control box). Power ranged from a little jolt to causing a blackout. It locked on, of course.

    Seemed like the perfect entertainment device when you’re stuck in a padded cell, and so much easier for the nurses. They could just set it and forget it. Imagine an entire ward pacified this way….

  • *snorts*

    Oh oh oh, someone has very evil thoughts 😛

  • Yardley Footman:

    The advantage of being virtual, I’m an electroshock connoisseur!

    If there were a ward like that, I’d check myself in.

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