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Cat & Pig ears

I initially wanted to go for stylized cat & pig ears made from simple pieces of cut and glued latex sheeting, the first version of the cat ears looked pretty good like that. Then I made those pig ears in a more…”molded” style and while I initially wanted to make the pig ears fold down, this attempt is growing on me.

I’ve remade the cat ears to match the pig ears style… but is it good enough?

I also don’t know if I want to have a “base” on each ear. Sure, It looks good, but it is much harder to place on the hood.

Quick pig hood picture dump!

I started working a bit late today and had some progress from last week that I did not have the time to post so here is a larger than usual pig hood picture dump before midnight 😛

I had a cool idea of normal mapping a sort of facemask on the covered area, with a center spine and a few creases, I might have to tweak the creases a bit to get them to look better, and also decide whether to use a single or double spine, they are both nice, but the single spine create some odd shading due to the sharper left/right divide it creates on a mesh that really is just flat.

Still tempted to use “almond” eyes on the closed version to make it more feline-like (that would make it a pig/cat pack I suppose), I COULD add both versions, but I already have a ton to make…

Give me your thoughts!

New hood project!

“Two hood projects in a row Kyrah? Really?”

Yes really!

I wasn’t 100% sure about it initially, but it has been growing on me.

So what is this about? I’m not sure about what the final name is going to be, but the idea is to make a “pig” hood. By that I don’t mean a mask with a snout and everything, I mean one of those hoods that have one single, large opening for the nose and mouth. I guess it’s a bit of a cat burglar style too… worth keeping that in mind.

Also, the variant with the mouth covered but nose exposed is just too cute to pass.

I’ve done a few attempts at the eye shape, the almond-type looked good, but it is a bit overdone, so I’m trying something else instead.

The Syntex hood addon is out!

Syntex hood

The Syntex hood add-on for the KDC Avara Hood is complete!

It took me a bit longer than I’d like to finalize everything (let’s blame the heatwave and definitely not my procrastination tendencies), but I think I really nailed the hybrid “hard plastic mask/soft latex hood” vibe. (It is heavy inspired by Shodan from System Shock 1-2)

It comes with the following options:

  • Original, plain and seamed style.
  • Normal & Inverted colors.
  • Open, pepper hole and closed (blind under RLV) eyeholes.

18 different options in total.

I’m not sure if it is just me, but I get the impression that textures are compressed more on upload lately? I get a lot more artifacts in my normal maps than I normally would. Nothing I can do about it, obviously…

As usual, you can get it from the two usual places: At the KDC Main Store (10% off), or on the Second Life Marketplace. Enjoy~

Hood progress #2

Here is another hood progress update! There was another delay.

I’ve finished the geometry for good! Now comes the painful, task of combining all the textures into one he-he. I don’t remember how I dealt with ambient occlusion errors on the Malefica hood, but I made it on a previous Blender version and things have changed a bit since.

The second image is to help me draw some of the masking areas I need, but also to add some burned in details in the base texture, still working on that. It will be really subtle tho.

I wasn’t entirely sure about those connector “points” on the temples, but they don’t look too bad crunched down into a normal map. It fill the space.

You can also see the new forehead piece, it has some “vent” looking things too.

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