Completed the cell lamp!

I just finished the cell lamp final textures and lod models!

I added a few little extra details, such as ribs and rivets on the top cover, and allen bolts on the sides. The switch has a couple of “knurling lines” to make it look a little more grippy.

The glass uses a simple, old texture that I really like to use for light bars, with a bit of dramatic glow.

The last picture shows the lowest LOD. You get about 20 triangles to work with before LI starts going up, so there is really no reason not to use them. From the GPU’s point of view drawing a model comes with some incompressible overhead, so whether you draw one triangle or twenty makes no difference.

It all comes down to a very reasonable score so far:

  • 14 parts.
  • 30 Textures (A lot of those are very small).
  • 26Mb of VRAM.
  • 2351 triangles.
  • 7 LI.
  • 9360 complexity.

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