Personal alarm progress

Allright, I know that the handle is not “accurate” but the wrist strap is almost invisible otherwise.

Now that this is out of the way…

Code wise it’s fairly simple, if you are close enough (or the wearer) clicking the alarm will yank the detachable part and throw it in the direction you are facing, and the alarm will flash and sound.

  • Particles trail to show the object’s trajectory.
  • Particle beacon when the object stops moving.
  • Anyone can click the projectile to attempt to “re attach” it, but the owner has to be close enough.
  • Once the projectile is picked up or derezzes it will automatically re-attach.
  • “access restriction” flags that you can configure, owner only/group only (or public).
  • Fully tintable (considering making it auto-broadcast to the projectile, not sure.)
  • Broken up into many parts for easy adjustment (snap hook, chain, pin, …).
  • “Pin version” where the pin+handle is thrown and the siren stays on the wearer.
  • “Grenade version” where the siren is thrown and the pin stays on the wearer.
  • Alpha mask based show/hide system, (this is an experiment).

I need to fix the siren sound because it has a very obvious “clip” point and check the writing in the different user messages.

I also kinda want to make more siren unit designs too 🙂

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