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And again.

So yeah why stop there, lets just double it again.

It’s a bit (okay it’s very) bulky with those 4 buckling points but it looks the part with the cuffs in my opinion.

Doubling up.

I’m a bit sick and trying to catch some specific people to get their feedback, but I’ve come up with a possible improvement:

The first one, with the strap ends facing each others seem more structurally sound and most of the people I queried about it agree. From a technical standpoint, if I can get back in symmetry mode, it makes everything a lot simpler.

Bondage belt

So yeah that’s my new project, and it has been long overdue. A bondage belt that matches my classic leather cuffs.

It’s a bit on the thick side, but that actually matches the bulkiness of the original cuffs and will hopefully make for some pretty generous fitting. After some deliberation I decided to put the locking strap on the back.

Kyrah Abattoir
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Seasoned 3D artist and programmer, thinks she can even make video games.
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