Rebuilding, refining, optimizing

I’m suffering from a rather nasty cold/allergy for the past couple of days, thanks to the great weather we’ve been having here: Between “searing sahara” and “british blues”.

I spent a good amount of last night rebuilding the high polygon model to get a more consistent connection with the edge piping, also because my first attempt at optimizing it felt like a waste of time.

The results on the high poly model are great, the seams are a lot sharper and consistent.

For the low poly I’ve been using a method of preserving contours at the expense of interior surfaces that you might have seen on the gas mask posts. Well in this case I am not entirely convinced by the results, I’m gonna have to do a quick normal mapping test to check if it’s going to work regardless. If all fail, the edge trim is still good regardless.

But hey it’s under 2000 triangles… Which will surely ramp up once I add the ribbons…

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