The Lattice Cage is finally out!

Built to last by our local blacksmith, this cage has seen its fair share of use and abuse as shown by the amount of edge wear and the corrosion stains on the marble block it was erected upon.

Nonetheless, it will serve its new owner for a long time in exchange for a little bit of hinge grease and a touch of paint…

Lattice Cage

That’s right! Wait no more! It’s finally out!

  • This is the first cage that supports the TouchBound padlock system, it features:
    fully custom mesh, materials and sounds.
  • 4 anchor points for TouchBound compatible wearables.
  • Expandable pose system with 9 poses included.
  • Various settings for public and private use (auto unlock time, auto open, access restriction, etc…) aswell as 10 materials to customize it (UVmaps included).

As usual, you can find it at the KDC Main Store, the SecondLife Marketplace, and on the PrimBay


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