Work in progress #1 The wasp

Work in progress #1 The wasp

The wasp, is this a good name? I like it, at least for now, it’s never too late to change it… calling it the psycho II is probably not going to happen, that was back when I thought gas masks where weird instead of cool.

This modeling session went very well, better than I hoped. I almost expected that I was going to start over several time over the course of the day, but what do you know, I might be getting better after all. I know someone is gonna ask for this to be lockable, I’m not sure how to make it happen (from a visual standpoint) but I will think about it.

2 Responses to “Work in progress #1 The wasp”

  • Winter:

    Looks great.. as for locks, honestly it doesn’t NEED a visual component to the locks.

    And yes, “Wasp” is a great name… needs to have a “yellow rubber” option tho, and color change lenses.

  • Matteste Elton:

    Looks good so far. Keep it up.
    I just hope I will be able to fit it to the M3 head but that’s another issue.

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