Lockmeister Version 2 specifications, now live!

I’ve been pushing this for “later” since january, but considering that I am now writing large code changes into the TouchBound system, I thought that I might as well get it over with.

What change from V1?

Not a lot really, V1 items will keep communicating as they always have, however a V2 furnitures will have extra commands to ask for the “exact” uuid of it’s target.

I updated the LSL wiki page with detailed explanations.


Why change anything?

A while ago, during the introduction of the llSetLink* set of functions, a few designers asked from Linden Labs if they could get a function that would allow to send a message from any prims of a link set, while specifying which prim of the set it would come out.

This proposal would have allowed bondage item designers to get rid of the “satellite” scripts that currently exist in their items simply to reply from the right prim (the prim where the particle chains should go to).

Since a solution won’t come from Linden Labs, lockmeister V2 came to be. It’s not perfect, but at least it doesn’t break existing content.

What about backward compatibility?

  • V1 attachments will work without any problems with V2 furnitures
  • V2 attachments will work with V1 furnitures, but the chain particles might not go exactly at the right spot.

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