The DeadRealm and Deviant road system

The DeadRealm and Deviant road system

Since DeadRealm was joined to deviant, there was talk about extending the dead realm road system to it and eventually have a complete loop spanning across both sims.

I completed this task during the last weekend, including several hours of terraforming and texture lineup. There still is a lot of constructions “in the air” at the moment that will have to be placed down again, and a bunch of things needing textures, but the road loop is complete for anyone who want to take it for a spin.

A word of warning however, this is NOT a race track, it’s a two-way, two lane street and racing around with your average SL sport car can only end badly, the turns are fairly sharp, and even if there are some safety rails, you might end up diving in the bay!

I suggest either karting vehicles, or other small engine vehicles.

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