Status Update #2

Now that my little rant is out of my system, here are a few things I’ve been working on:

  • General animation update for the touchbound cuffs, I found a  way to fix the glitchy behavior of my arm and leg animations, this will be released once i replaced all the animations that caused trouble, i will probably also update the straitjacket for the same reason.
  • I’m working on a set of nipple piercings that will be touchbound enabled, that means chaining, and a few wrist tied to nipples poses.
  • For those piercings i made a different locking mechanism that rely on a unique tool to close/open the rings, you can on top of it still use a padlock as an added safety, or to secure the chain.
  • I’m planning to add extra features, like the ability to get weights, bells and other accessories to hang from the rings.
  • Probably also the classic “hud” for changing textures/colors, but i think i want to stay classic with only colored metals.
  • Maybe extra ring shapes, I’m wondering if there is a market for different wire gauges and diameters, my test rings set so far are 10 gauge wire with a 13mm diameter. Piercing fans, give me a few pointers on this?

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