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I always found strange/funny/sad that, while I, and a lot of small/independent developers can correct a small bug or carry out a small feature request, and deploy it in only one hour or less. On the other hand i find sad examples like these:

Actalogic / UIG Entertainment

(developers/publishers of Agrar Simulator/Agricultural Simulator 2011)

They seems to be unable to provide even a single patch since the game release ( 3-4 months ago ) despite a lot of empty promises from the forum staff the game is in the same state since it’s release with a multiplayer that barely qualify as an alpha and many bugs left and right that result in lost implements or corrupted saves.

I know that patches hae to go through QA in a company before being released but… seriously, on steam the game is advertised as being multiplayer!

Timegate Studio

(developers of Section 8 and now Section 8: prejudice)

While i can only applause them for taking upon themselves to release a sequel to their own game without the support of a publisher, I can’t help but wonder why they still haven’t patched elementary problems ( 1 month since release ) like the FOV stuck at 75 (this is a real problem in a game where a few weapons like the knife and the shotgun require engaging other players at point-blank range.

Also, what kind of sick  joke are they trying to pull by making dedicated server (ranked or not) only available through a single game server provider (have they never heard of players who host their own servers?) I don’t really know if they are actually trying to drive their game into the ground on purpose, but I know that the Peoples who could be running their own servers on their own hardware don’t like being double dipped “just because”.

It makes you wonder what is the point of becoming an independent game company if you’re going to behave even worse than under the heels of a producer…


Now do not misunderstand me, those games, in my opinion are good. The companies making them however are… well they are terrible.

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