Little status update

I haven’t done much the past 10 days, between being away from home and having to deal with minor Real Life issues.

I’m planning to work more on the chore system, but i also would like to move TouchBound forward, and because of this I’m open for advice. To all those who use/used and like the system.

As a little recap, here is all i have made so far for the TouchBound system:

What kind of product should i release using the TouchBound system?

  • New cuff types ? (I’ve really been tempted on this simply because I love pretty cuffs)
  • New kind of objects to add more interactions?
  • Anything else?
I am really open to suggestions so go wild, even completely crazy.

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  • 3 things, one of which I expressed to you already in IMs.

    1. I think for this system to really succeed, it needs a way to interact with other makers items. Sure, you’ve got Lockmeister built in, and that’s great, but to really make Touchbond a serious contender in the bondage gear market, it needs to.. (how to put this into words?).. it needs to be both \better than the other systems\ and it also needs to \unlock value in other items that other systems can’t unlock\. A great example of this might be the Sensations vs xcite thing. The reason that xcite continues to lose market share is because a Sensations system unlocks functionality in lots more devices than xcite does. Lockguard vs Lockmeister is kind of the same thing, but nowadays almost everyone has several cuff sets that support one or the other system, or both.

    Touchbond suffers from the instant reaction of \I don’t know what that is\. and part of the reason that people don’t know what it is, or why they need it, is because the only place they encounter it is at a KDC vendor.

    Some kind of expansion system where touchbond functionality could be expended to third-party developers.. or licensed perhaps.. would be a good idea. Back to the xcite vs Sensations issue.. Sensations uses an API kit that is freely available. xcite uses a closed system of licensed developers, who they carefully vet and screen out xcite competitors. I think that the \Open\ method that Sensations offers is superior.. because if a competitor wants to implement your system, then your products become instantly compatible with theirs.. and suddenly their customers are more likely to become your customers too.

    2. If a full-on API is out of the question.. and even if it’s not, consider offering your customers a kit to add Touchbond functionality to other things they already own. A set of drop in scripts, for example, that they can add to boots or pony gear or whatever modifiable things they already have.

    3. I think this system needs to be expanded to other types of bondage gear. Sure, things like gags and harnesses, blindfolds and chastity belts would be good (butt plugs, vibrators, nose rings, etc), but you might also want to consider other STYLES of bondage.. shibari rope bondage, police handcuffs, classic medieval shackles for the Goreans, sci-fi futuristic cuffs.. etc.

  • Kassandra Pixelmaid:

    1. I totally agree to Winters post
    2. You forgot to list the stuffed ballgag. 😉
    3. I’d totally love new collars, cuffs and shackles for the touch bound system. I kind of collect collars and always love a new set of cuffs.
    4. It would be great to get your chastity belts and the older posture collars in a touch bound version, or maybe a prim version of the burden harness with anchor points for the cuffs.

  • Kassandra Pixelmaid:

    Forgot to mention the yoke- and spreader bar would be great in a touch bound version, or maybe even the pony gear.

  • I added the stuffed ballgag, seems that LL lumped it in the adult section on the marketplace, again. As for my older items, well i rather make new and better versions than update my old objects, even if it’s simply to get them to look fresher. But that takes time. I have a couple of objects i kept on the backburner for months because i was simply afraid to poke at them script wise.

    More styles would be very nice yes, and would probably require very little script refactoring. I never intented to stick to a single style (chrome lined), it just happened to be the style i was the most confident in producing successfully. Hell i designed the system so i could have a wide variety of locks too, from the tiny luggage padlocks to chunky rusty medieval styles.

    An API is totally doable Winter, but frankly Touchbound is really far from Lockmeister in term of complexity, making a sort of SDK would be almost mandatory.

  • Minea:

    Elbow cuffs. The kind that pull them together behind the back hehe. Then a pair for knees, of course. By now I’ve only seen ONE good armbinder at SL – that market is still open for improvements!

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