A touch of style, the fetish maid

This is an ensemble i’ve put together with several KDC products and a few from other designers (and a lot of inputs from friends) the idea was to put together a maid uniform suitable for a fetish environment while keeping a certain “prim and proper” look rather than going into a tarty stereotype.

I hope this will give peoples some inspiration, some elements are using the same attachment point so you will probably need a viewer 2.0 if you want to achieve a simmilar look.

Products used:

  • KDC Rubber Housekeeper (black).
  • KDC Leather peekaboo.
  • KDC lined chrome ankle cuffs.
  • KDC fur lined cuffs (I tinted the little fur bits in white).
  • Black hot heart pumps ,made by Freyr Darkstone.
  • Nimue haircut from Maitreya (Charcoal)

The setup:

  • shirt: KDC latex black housekeeping dress.
  • shoes: Hot heart pumps shoe base.
  • gloves: KDC Peekaboo gloves – no straps.
  • undershirt: KDC Peekaboo top – no straps.
  • skirt: KDC latex black housekeeping skirt (square apron).


  • stomach: KDC housekeeping apron knot.
  • left forearm: KDC fur lined cuff left.
  • right forearm: KDC fur lined cuff right.
  • left upperarm: KDC housekeeping dress cuff (left).
  • left upperarm: KDC Peekaboo arm bands (left).
  • right upperarm: KDC housekeeping dress cuff (right).
  • right upperarm: KDC Peekaboo arm bands (right).
  • head: Maitreya Nimue – Charcoal.
  • head: KDC housekeeping cap (round).
  • spine: KDC housekeeping dress collar.
  • spine: KDC Peekaboo leather collar.
  • left upper leg: KDC Peekaboo thighs bands (left).
  • right upper leg: KDC Peekaboo thighs bands (right).
  • left lower leg: KDC lined chrome cuff (ankle left).
  • right lower leg: KDC lined chrome cuff (ankle right).
  • left foot: Black hot heart pump Left.
  • right foot: Black hot heart pump Right.

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