Some peoples don’t seems to ‘get’ sculpted prims.

Some peoples don’t seems to ‘get’ sculpted prims.

I’m a prim sculptor myself, but sometimes I buy things because it’s faster for me to get something partially ready for my use and then tweak it to my needs rather than starting from scratch, especially when I’m only decorating my home in SL and not going to make a cent from it.

Anyway… I was browsing for a nice dining room set, there are a couple on the marketplace that appears to be quite nice, yet when I look at the primcount I almost wonder why those people even bother making sculpts.

Bottom line:

If you are making a sculpted chair and it still comes up as 19 prims, you are doing something really wrong and probably shouldn’t use sculpted prims in the first place.

One of the main advantages of using sculpted prims is to get similar/more details for a lower prim cost, and that’s what , as a customer, I am looking for.

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