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Finally! the KDC Stuffed Ballgag is out!

I am proud to announce that the KDC Stuffed ballgag is now available SL wide, both in my shop, any of the satellite vendors and on the marketplace.

It features highly detailed textures, 10 base textures, and 8 stitching textures in various colors including a suede leather and an “institutional style” tan leather (this equate to 66 unique textures!)

It obviously has locking, drooling, and also two positions, a speech garbler, RLV functionalities and also support Touchbound padlocks!

X-Mas Gifts from KDC!

The first 20 persons who IM me in secondlife with a “Merry Christmas” will get this ballgag for free

We are releasing on time!

I finished the scripting/texturing of the KDC Stuffed ballgag, so tomorrow i will be doing a last checkup on the script, setup the auto updater, make product shots, box, and release it, right in time for Christmas 🙂

And here are two teaser screenshots 🙂 I’m pretty proud of the result.

It has been a looong time

I know, i’ve been kind of .. distracted, and carried away by some other things. I have a new project in the work, it’s nearly ready for releases but making all the textures is taking me more time than i expected.

That and i still have to make the hud for switching between them, X-mas is coming dangerously close now it seems. I will try to push it out for release before then, but i’m not sure i can do it.

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