Taking control of a boat in a storm

Okay to peoples not interested into reading a few reflections about myself, you can skip this post right now.

I recovered my old forum  from 2006 and realised how … nice i used to be. It seems the past years got the better of me and i kinda drifted into being … plainly said, an unpleasant person. Maybe it’s the stress, the caffein, the loneliness… maybe it’s not anything but my own damn fault. It seems I’ve been feeding my dark side for a good while.

Recently it did bite me back in an unexpected way, i don’t think what i did was wrong, but i think i didn’t explain myself properly and what was my position in the debate … things kinda got out of hands and I took some collateral damages.

And the more you struggle, usually the deeper you go once peoples made their mind about you.

Anyway, since it’s nearly Christmas, and soon time for new year vows, I wish to become more tempered, I am not going to fool myself in thinking I can become a good person, wear a wimple be called Sister Nicey and say “god bless you” to peoples (atho i’m sure nun role-play can be very… exciting ^o^ ), I am who I am but I could probably put my talent to better use than attracting hate.

Soooo, lets see what next year will be made of ^_^ i hope it’s made of latex.

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